Douglas C Hopkins, Ph.D.
( DCHopkins )
1791 Varsity Dr., Suite 100A
Raleigh, NC 37606-5242
Dr. Douglas C. Hopkins


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 1989, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (and VPEC)

BSEE, MSEE in Electrical Engineering,   State University of New York at Buffalo

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Consulting History:
(DCHopkins&Associates, LLC since 1989)
2009 Emerson Motor Company, St. Louis, MO
2008 Renewable Energy Development Inc., Oneonta, NY
2006-07 Emerson Climate Technologies, Sidney. OH
2005 Eaton Aerospace, Grand Rapids, Michigan
2005-09 Kevin Kennedy & Associates, Indianapolis, Indiana
2004 Yazaki North America, Canton, Michigan
2003 Emerson Ridge Tool Company, Elyria, OH
2003-04 Astec Power Andover, MA
2002-03 Celestica Power, Milwaukie, OR
2002-03 Precision Magnetic Bearings Inc., Albany, NY
2001 Emerson Motor Division, Cleveland, Ohio
2000-01 Systel Development and Industries, Ltd.,Israel
2000 Verizon Communications, Inc., NY
1999-00 Grundfos A/S, Bjerringbro, Denmark
1998-00 JRS Technology Inc., Endicott, NY
1997-98 ENI Power Systems, Rochester, NY
1996-98 Custom Electronics Inc., Oneonta,NY
1995-01 Varity Zecal Inc., Churchville, NY
1995-97 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
1992-98 Power Technology Services, Raleigh, NC
1992 Marconi Circuits Technology, Farmingdale,NY
1991-96 BrushWellman Inc., Cleveland, OH
1991 Micon Engineering, College Station, TX
1989-93 Power Tech, Fair Lawn, NJ
1988-89 Digital Equipment Corp., Burlington, VT

  • Summer Appointments:
  •   1995: Visiting Scientist, Power Conversion Thrust Area Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Livermore, California
  •   1994: US Army Visiting Faculty, TECOM - MITRE Corporation, Ft. Huachuca, AZ
  •   1993: Visiting Faculty Fellow, Ohio Space Institute NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland Ohio
  •   1992: NASA/ASEE Faculty Fellow, Power Technologies Directorate NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland Ohio
  •   1991: NASA/ASEE Faculty Fellow, Power Technologies Directorate
  •   NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland Ohio
  •   1990: NASA Faculty Fellow, Electrical Power Branch NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama
  •   1989: Visiting Faculty Researcher, Pulse Power Technology Branch US Army LABCOM-ETDL, Ft. Mammouth, New Jersey

  • Positions:

  •   1983-present President, DCHopkins & Associates, LLC
  •   2011-present Research Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 919.473.3773
  •   1997-2012 Research Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering Department, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York
  •   1989-98 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, State University of New York at Binghamton, and Auburn University, Alabama
  •   1983-88 Instructor/Ph.D. Student, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia
  •   1982-83 Electrical Engineer, Corporate R&D  Center, Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, New York
  •   1977-82 Senior Engineer, Research and Development Center, General Electric Company, Schenectady, New York

  • Publications:

  •   Dr. Hopkins has over 50 referred technical publications in conferences and journals, and various awards. (See for complete list.)
  • Providing technology innovation and management in Power Electronics and Electronic Energy Systems

     Technology Management
    Visionary - Participation and leadership on international road-mapping studies by the PSMA (developed the road-mapping framework for power packaging, assisted in power integration), founded and chaired four technical-society subcommittees to focus on high density power electronics systems, served as consultant to corporate marketing groups.

    Program Development - Defined and proposed over $7M in government support for private companies, established three university r&d laboratories and served as consultant to corporate engineering. Accomplished in articulating technical requirements, determining program structure and creating funding proposals for industrial clients.

    Project Management - Directly managed projects up to $1.4M having industrial team involvement. Company president for two Phase-I SBIR grants and one Phase-II. Experienced with acquiring and supervising professional personnel in an ethnically diverse environment.

    Technology Innovation
    Development of firsts in 
  • power electronic packaging: off-line converter >60W/in2, 3D MOSFET module for avionics.
  •  power electronic circuits: inductive battery-charge equalizer and family of re-circulating energy circuits.
  •  SiSC-based Solid State Circuit Breakers: for >350o operation in aerospace and military applications.
  •  continued involvement in R&D: in electrical design and high-density systems through university and SBIR funding (Phase I&II grants).
  •  providing Professional Development Seminars in power electronic systems and packaging, e.g. IEEE-APEC, IMAPS and WESCON
  • More projects listed below

    Sample Projects:

  • Advanced development of an ultra high density shunt regulator for avionics application
        Developed a 3-D GlidCop’ package for power MOSFETs, drivers and control circuit
        Worked directly with manufacturing to develop design prototypes
        Client was Martin Marietta, now BAE
  • Advanced development of a high density Zero-Current-Switched Quasi-Resonant Converter.
        Developed first 2MHz, 100W, offline 465V:5V converter (power section) at >60W/in2.
        Developed a >2mil cermet conductor fabrication process for converter
        Performed finite difference thermal analysis.
  • Client's representative in technical investigation of field-prototype failures
        Client's customer was in final design verification and having fatal field prototype failures in a boat ignition and battery charging system
        Simulated a multi-output asynchronously switched thyristor regulator system and demonstrated a fundamental design flaw
        Recommended design changes in the electrical and physical circuit
        Client's customer was largest USA-based marine engine producer
  • Proposed and co-developed high-voltage-3kV, high-temperature-240° C power module. 
        Developed high temperature component tests. 
        Designed a kV-kA self-resonant capacitor tester. (A new technique.)
        Integrated thermal models into SPICE.
  • Technology development in electronic lighting ballasts
        Teamed with an industrial partner to propose and win a $488K New York State (NYS) contract.
        Program director for lighting ballast development using an integrated digital controller IC
        Teamed with associate and Dir. of Mfg. to develop the next generation of lighting ballasts
        Wrote the proposal with an industrial partner to win a $1.3M DOE/NYS contract. 
  • Worked with a device manufacturer to characterize and apply next generation IGBT/MCT devices.
        Developed a simplified high-performance, constant current gate driver (constant 30 A in 200 ns with 0.4kV/m s miller voltage rejection to 150 V).   
        Designed a laboratory test system for a pulsed power thyristor (world’s fastest); with capability to 110kA/m s. Included LabView control, data capture and analysis, and TDR measurement of package inductance.
  • Invented a class of converters for energy storage and re-circulation. 
        Provides a unifying approach to energy-pump circuits and predicted several new topologies. Applicable to power factor correction, current drive circuits, battery equalization, etc.
        Invented the inductive-based active battery equalization techniques
  • On-site continuing education courses in Power Electronic Systems and Packaging. 
  • Dr. Hopkins is a recognized expert in integrated electrical/physical power electronics design. He is a professional educator with a contemporary presentation style offering continuing education to the engineers of industry.

    Other Projects: 
        DC Hopkins was the principal/co investigator in the following (dollars indicate project size). The * indicates as noted in above description.

  • "Laboratory Development - Packaging Research in Electronic Energy Systems" NC State University, $633K
  • "Workforce Training for the Electric Power Sector" Florida Power & Light Company, $300K
  • "Intelligent, Fault Tolerant, and Robust SSPC for Aircraft Applications" US Navy $148,806
  • "Multi-Institutional Curriculum Development and Delivery to Create the New Smart Grid Workforce" Dept of Energy, $400K
  • "High Reliability SiC Power Switch Module Packaging" US Air Force, $749,846
  • "Development of a FREEDM Systems Energy Packaging Initiative" Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery Management (FREEDM) Center, $31,134
  • "Study in the Area of Plug Hybrid Electric Vehicles" National Grid US, $21,300
  • "Advanced Power Electronics For Mobile Electric Power" US Army, $54,204
  • "High Reliability SiC Power Switch Module Packaging" Secretary of Defense, US Air Force, $99,376 (UB $20K)
  • "Metrology Development for Large Area Ceramics" ENrG Corporation, $56,315
  • "Advanced SiC Converter for Embedded Applications" Naval Research Laboratory, $69,939
  • "SiC Module development" under present development, $119K
  • "Component and Systems Development for Power-Line Carrier Controlled Fluorescent Lighting," JRS Technology, Inc. $1,374,331 *
  • "High Temperature High Voltage Power Module Development," Custom Electronics Inc. $131,186 *
  • "Investigation of a Power Package Incorporating a Direct Attached Ceramic/AlSiC Structure,"Brush Wellman Inc. $9,724
  • "Mitigation of Biofouling Using Hydrospark," Driscoll Brothers & Comp., NYS Electric and Gas Corp. $49,000
  • "Thermal Conductivity of Copper Clad Ceramics," BrushWellman Inc. $19,500
  • "Systems Engineering of Shared Resources," NASA Lewis Research Center. $108,507
  • "High Density Shunt Regulator Development," Martin Marietta Corporation. $49,119 *
  • "Self-Resonance Characterization for High Voltage Capacitors," Custom Electronics Inc. $40,000
  • "Cost Estimate for the ARM Electronic Circuit Cards," Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. $19,500
  • "Non-Contact Power Supply," Alabama Power Company. $9,500
  • "Materials Support for the Investigation of Charge Equalization in Serial Batteries," 
  • NASA- Marshal Space Flight Center. $13,000
  • "Equalizing Converters for Serial Battery Charging," Auburn University Solar-electric vehicle program. >$75K
  • "High Density Power Transformer," Unisys Corporation. $9,750
  • Awards and Professional Activities:

  • Fellow - International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) 2007
  • Nominated Best Paper of Conference, IMAPS Int'l Symp. on Microelectronics, 2006
  • IEEE Region I "Outstanding Contributions to Education, Research and Professionalism," 2001
  • IEEE Third Millennium Medal Recipient, 1999; 
  • Senior Member - International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS), 1996; 
  • Best Paper of Session, ISHM Int'l Symp. on Microelectronics, 1988, '89, '92, '94; 
  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 1993; 
  • Senior Member - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 1992; 
  • Sigma Xi 1990; 
  • Eta Kappa Nu 1987; 
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