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Dr. Douglas C. Hopkins
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Specializing in design, development and packaging of high-frequency, high-density power electronic circuits and systems

DCHopkins&Associates, LLC specialize in the complete development, design and fabrication of electronic energy systems. This includes power supplies, motor drive modules, pulsed power, and lighting ballasts. There is unique specialty in high density, high frequency power electronic systems with particular emphasis on power packaging.

DCHopkins&Associates, LLC provide expert investigation and expert witness services, including circuit modeling, laboratory construction and testing. Associates team together to bring expertise to technical investigations in liability and intellectual property disputes. Dr. Hopkins through his standing as a professor at the University at Buffalo brings unbiased interpretation to expert reports, depositions and testimony.

Founded in 1977, DCHopkins&Associates, LLC is a group of select individuals that offer a complete solution from electronic innovation to product production, including research, funding solicitation and marketing. Each individual has over fifteen years of experience as an industry leader and is well recognized through their technical publications and professional involvement. 

DCHopkins&Associates, LLC seeks customers with advanced problems.
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Sub-Microsecond Response SiC SSCB Module for an Aerospace Power Architecture(1hr)
Advanced Packaging for Power and Energy(6hr)
Integrated Packaging Techniques(3hr)
Advanced Power Packaging for Higher Temperatures and Harsh Environments(6hr)

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